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Gaspari reveals its entry into the growing superfood category with 7g of greens and reds

gaspari nutrition proven greens

The greens or superfood supplement category has seen a lot of new entries over the past year or so, a lot of them coming from relatively prominent companies. In the coming months, another notable name is entering the fray with the legacy brand Gaspari Nutrition and its next ‘Proven’ titled product, ‘Proven Greens and Reds’.

Gaspari Nutrition’s upcoming Proven Greens and Reds is going to feature exactly as its title suggests, a combination of greens and reds with 5g of greens and 2g of red fruits. Alongside those blends will be two other groups of ingredients with 2g of prebiotic fiber and a combined gram of immune support and metabolic features.

As mentioned, Gaspari Nutrition is planning to launch Proven Greens and Reds sometime soon, and it is going to come in powder form in the one naturally flavored option. The supplement will have the usual 30 servings per tub, with more details about what’s in each of those servings expected to be shared soon.