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Giant takes its entire Tru Clarity formula and puts it into a new focus supplement

giant genius super nootropic

Giant Sports has come out with a new supplement that sees it step away from the keto-friendly or ketogenic types of products we’re more used to seeing from it. The brand’s latest effort is Giant Genius Super Nootropic, which is, of course, a nootropic supplement for focus and brain health, with a formula that may seem quite familiar to fans of Giant Sports.

Giant Genius Super Nootropic is essentially a newly named and branded version of Tru Clarity, originally released by the company back in September of 2018. Every ingredient and dose Giant Sports has packed into Giant Genius is from Tru Clarity, right down to the 150mg of bacopa, 52mg of citicoline sodium, and 25mg of phosphatidylserine.

giant genius super nootropic

The somewhat new Giant Genius Super Nootropic also comes with the same amount of servings per bottle in 30, although the price on it is slightly higher than what Tru Clarity hit the market for. While Giant Sports’ original focus supplement launched at $17.99 and is still that much through the brand’s website, Giant Genius is $2 more at $19.99 over on Amazon.