Maximuscle is bringing back Promax Lean with more protein per serving

Apr 15th, 2020
maximuscle promax lean

Maximuscle has some exciting news this week, specifically for any of its many fans that previously used and enjoyed its weight loss enhanced protein powder, Promax Lean. The previous version of the supplement combined a fairly typical whey and milk powered protein powder with common fat burning ingredients such as carnitine, caffeine, and green tea.

At the moment, Maximuscle’s Promax Lean is no longer available; however, it has now announced that the product is making a return with some exciting changes. To keep fans and followers guessing, the UK-based brand has not revealed everything about the upcoming Promax Lean, although it has shared a sneak peek, which includes a few key details.

The few pieces of information we have are that the revamped supplement will pack more protein per serving at 30g with zero sugar and fat, and it is going to be infused with the same fat loss ingredients in carntine, caffeine, and green tea. More details on Maximuscle’s returning Promax Lean should be along soon, as the launch of the product is also not be too far away.

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