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MusclePharm adds Cheese Protein Crisps to its half price quarantine bundle

musclepharm quarantine kit 2

MusclePharm has put together a new version of its Quarantine Kit, which is a bundle of health and nutrition supplements to help get you through lockdown. In addition to featuring a good variety of products, the stack also comes with a hefty discount, giving you 50% off the combined price of purchasing each of the items individually.

MusclePharm’s Quarantine Kit 2.0 carries over three of the four supplements from the original bundle with the brand’s superfood formula, glutamine capsules, and Combat BCAA. Where the difference comes in is the original kit’s Combat Pre-Workout has been taken out and replaced with MusclePharm’s all-new, cheese-based Protein Crisps.

Altogether, the Quarantine Kit 2.0 will cost you $60.96, discounted down from $121.96. The bundle is a great way to get a good selection of essential type supplements as well as try MusclePharm’s latest snack. If you were actually going to buy the Cheese Protein Crisps, the kit is a no-brainer as it is only $25 more than the crisps, and you get BCAA, superfood, and glutamine supplements.