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Latest Myprotein collagen formula infused with vitamins, minerals and fruit juice

myprotein beauty collagen stick packs

While Myprotein does already have several collagen-based supplements in its extensive lineup, it has introduced another one this week and it is different from the rest. The brand’s newest collagen competitor is Beauty Collagen Powder, which takes the increasingly popular ingredient for healthy hair, skin, and nails, and wraps it in convenient stick packs.

Myprotein’s Beauty Collagen Powder looks to have about 8.4g of collagen in each stick pack, although that’s not all that’s in it. The popular international brand has also included a blend of vitamins and minerals as well as real fruit juice. The type of fruit juice depends on the flavor, of which there is a total of four in Mojito, Strawberry, Orange, and Lemon.

While Myprotein does have four flavors available for its stick pack collagen supplement, you can’t actually purchase them separately. The brand has launched Beauty Collagen Powder in a variety box that comes with seven single-serving sticks of each flavor. The product is now in stock and available for purchase on Myprotein’s main website at £22.99 (28.56 USD).