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Flexx EAAs is getting five new flavors including Beach Blast and Dragonfruit Watermelon

gat flexx eaas flavors

The last new supplement we saw from GAT was its EAA spin-off of Flexx BCAAs with Flexx EAAs, featuring all nine EAAs at a combined dose of 7g per serving. In addition to the EAAs, which are all plant-based aminos, the brand includes a blend of electrolytes to support hydration and 125mg of the premium and branded Sensoril ashwagandha.

Since launch, GAT’s Flexx EAAs has been available in the same two traditional tastes with Blue Razz and Fruit Punch. A whole new selection of flavors have now been revealed, and they’re going to drastically expand the supplement’s menu. While it currently only has two to choose from, the new additions will almost quadruple the list to seven.

Coming soon to GAT’s full-spectrum EAA formula are Strawberry Mango, Apple Pear, Orange Guava, and two slightly more intriguing creations in Beach Blast and Dragonfruit Watermelon. All five of the new Flexx EAAs flavors have been previewed in the recovery and hydration supplement’s 30 serving tub size, and sound like they’ll be in stores soon.

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