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Nutrabio shares the immunobiotic powered formula behind its upcoming ‘Breathe’

nutrabio breathe

Nutrabio has followed up its previous preview of the respiratory support supplement ‘Breathe’ with full details on its formula and when it’s going to be available. The product is actually due to go online and be ready for purchase by fans through the brand’s website at, sometime tomorrow, with no details just yet on how much it is going to cost.

As mentioned, Nutrabio’s Breathe is a unique wellness supplement formulated to support lung and respiratory health, with neither being benefits we see for products that often, if at all. The brand has brought together seven main ingredients, including the premium immunobiotic Immuno LP-20, which is a heat-killed strain of Lactobacillus plantarum.

nutrabio breathe

Alongside Immuno LP-20, Nutrabio has thrown in solid dosages of n-acetyl cysteine and quercetin at 600mg and half a gram per serve, respectively. To further support respiratory health, there is also 200mg each of boswellia and ivy extract, 300mg of thyme, and 100mg of coleus forskholii, with everything wrapped up in a three-capsule serving.