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New Warrior Series coming this Friday from Nutrex with nine different supplements

nutrex warrior series

Nutrex previously hinted at a new supplement coming down the pipeline that we took a few guesses at and suspected to be some sort of Spartan or warrior-themed pre-workout. It turns out we were partly right, as while the brand does have a pre-workout on the way, it is actually just one of many products that make up the all-new Nutrex Warrior Series.

The brand’s upcoming line is quite extensive and consists of nine different supplements that span most of the popular categories, including pre-workout, amino, muscle building, and weight loss. The majority of the items in the Warrior Series are, in fact, new versions of Nutrex products that will replace the current ones when they eventually arrive.

nutrex warrior series

There are two entirely new supplements in the Warrior Series with the testosterone booster Alpha-T and the promising, series-named pre-workout, Warrior. The remaining products in the line are new versions of Nutrex’s pre-workouts, Outlift, Alpha Pump, and NIOX, the muscle builder Anabol, EAA+, the weight loss formula Lipo 6, and Vitadapt.

You rarely see an established company come out with this many supplements at one time, but that is what Nutrex has planned with its new Warrior Series. While we have only just got a glimpse of the collection, the brand is looking to launch it in just four days on this coming Friday, with more details on the products due to drop between now and then.