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Mediator and bovine plasma serum combine for Nutristat’s newest muscle builder

nutristat myoscript

The creative team at Nutristat, the brand behind supplements such as the liquid pump formula PumpScript and protein PurNative, has come out with an interesting new muscle builder named ‘MyoScript’. The Nutristat product relies on a unique mix of muscle-building ingredients to enhance muscle protein synthesis and nutrient partitioning.

There are three main ingredients packed into Nutristat’s latest innovation, starting with the all-important BCAA leucine, which is included at 6g when taking MyoScript’s maximum of two serving per day. The second feature in the supplement is the premium and clinically studied Mediator phosphatidic acid, thrown in at 1.5g per full serving.

The third and final ingredient in Nutristat’s MyoScript is half a gram of bovine plasma serum, which is rich in peptide bonded aminos, immunoglobulins, growth factors, IGF-1, transferrin, and lactoferrin. The ingredient is responsible for the product’s nutrient partitioning benefits as well as additional immune system support.

MyoScript already appears to be out and available in some of Nutristat’s retail partners in a neutral, unflavored powder. The muscle building supplement comes with 40 servings per tub; however as mentioned, you can take it a maximum of twice per day. While that will give you the best benefits, you’ll also get through a tub in half the time.