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Bowmar keeps the macros pretty much the same for its first vegan nut butter

vegan bowmar butter

Tomorrow at midday Eastern Time, Bowmar Nutrition is releasing its first-ever vegan-friendly version of its protein nut butter Bowmar Butter, which it has now previewed to build a little more excitement. The preview confirms two of the product’s more important macros as well as what flavor it is going to be with a delicious sounding Peanut Butter Cookie.

The nutrition numbers confirmed for Bowmar Nutrition’s vegan Bowmar Butter are 10g of protein per two-tablespoon serving with 8g of carbohydrates. Based on that, it seems the macros for the plant-based spin-off are much the same as the regular Bowmar Butter made with whey, in fact, that 8g of carbs is lower than a lot of the product’s other flavors.

We do also know the protein sources Bowmar Nutrition has gone with for its vegan-friendly Bowmar Butter with brown rice and pea protein, in place of the regular version’s whey isolate. Once again, the product is going to be available through the brand’s website midday tomorrow, and if it costs the same as the original, you can expect to pay $9.99 per jar.