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Primeval takes a value approach to superfood launching Day2Day at $35 for two

primeval labs day2day

Primeval Labs’ first-ever and long-awaited superfood supplement Day2Day is finally available today, and it is a bit different from the others we’ve seen entering the space. The brand has taken a more cost-effective approach with its competitor, giving it a good amount of fruits and greens per serving, but also keeping the price quite low.

The regular direct price on Primeval Labs Day2Day before any discount is $34.99, however, to celebrate its arrival, the brand is running a truly solid sale. For a limited time, you can actually get two tubs of the supplement for that price, which works out to $17.50 each, and with 30 servings per tub you’re looking at around 60 cents per serving.

primeval labs day2day

While the cost on Day2Day is not bad, especially with that heavy buy one get one free offer, as mentioned, Primeval Labs has also packed it with a good amount of superfood ingredients. Each of the supplement’s 30 full-servings comes with a 2.5g blend of greens and another 2.5g fruits, as well as 50mg of the DigeSEB enzyme blend to help with digestion.