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Rocka Nutrition promises high dosages in its first-ever superfood supplement

rocka nutrition omg superfood supplement

The hugely popular Rocka Nutrition out of Germany has a huge range of supplements and functional foods, from traditional protein powder right through to low-calorie fruit jam. Something the brand doesn’t have in its vast lineup is a superfood product, however, in just a few days, that is going to change with the launch of the all-new OMG.

OMG is Rocka Nutrition’s first-ever superfood supplement, and while you may know what its three-letter title typically stands for, on this occasion, it means ‘Oh My Greens’. The brand promises high dosages in the upcoming product, going as far as saying one serving provides the same amount of vitamins and minerals as 720g of fruits and greens.

More details will be along soon regarding what ingredients Rocka Nutrition has thrown into OMG. As mentioned, the supplement’s release is right around the corner, with the brand setting its launch for this coming Sunday. Like most loaded superfood products, OMG will be a powder formula, with just the one flavor named so far in Razzz.