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Introducing the Scitec Gym family made up of six supps and three on-the-go snacks

scitec nutrition scitec gym

Scitec Gym is one of the few new lines of products released over the past several months from the legacy European supplement company, Scitec Nutrition. The sub-brand of sorts focuses primarily on sports nutrition with six powder products covering a lot of the popular categories, along with a handful of healthy, on-the-go snacks.

On the supplement side of Scitec Nutrition’s Scitec Gym family, there are three protein powders with the fairly typical, whey blend formula WheyBro Zero, the lean mass protein Gainer Complex, and the plant-based protein PlantBro Zero.

Scitec Nutrition’s remaining three Scitec Gym supplements are fairly self-explanatory, starting with Energy Boost, featuring a simple mix of ingredients to boost energy. Next is BCAA + Glutamine, combining, of course, BCAAs and glutamine, and finally Essential Amino + Caffeine, bringing together EAAs, glutamine, and caffeine.

scitec nutrition scitec gym

As mentioned, there are a handful of healthy snacks in the Scitec Gym family, none of which are your traditional protein-packed bars. There is Meat & Fruit, a plum infused beef jerky; the cereal protein snack CerealBro made with oats, peanuts and protein sources; and the whole-food bar Raw Bro, made with dates, raisins, nuts, and various fruits.

The majority of the products in the Scitec Gym line do come in many flavors, including the functional foods. WheyBro Zero, for example, has three classic tastes in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry. The intriguing CerealBro also has three to choose from, but with slightly more exciting options in Plum, Nut, and Forest Berry.

From what we can tell, Scitec Nutrition’s Scitec Gym brand isn’t available in all of the places its regular line of supplements is. The nine-piece selection can be found in its home country of Hungary as well as a few others in Europe. The line has been on the market for some months and now seems to be getting more attention as we move through 2020.