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Ghost is adding its collab with Sonic to its full-spectrum EAA supplement

sonic cherry limeade ghost amino

Around this time last year, the original lifestyle brand Ghost teamed up with the drive-in fast-food restaurant Sonic for a special edition flavor of its pre-workout Legend. The brand essentially brought Sonic’s original Cherry Limeade Slushie into the world of supplements with an authentic Sonic Cherry Limeade Ghost Legend.

Ghost is now extending its Sonic collaboration across to another one of its products, this time bringing the flavor to the brand’s muscle recovery and repair formula Ghost Amino. From what we understand, this will be an ongoing option for the full-spectrum EAA-based supplement, and is expected to be available sometime in the near future.

In addition to the launch of the Sonic Cherry Limeade Ghost Amino, the lifestyle brand is updating its original Sonic Cherry Limeade flavor for Ghost Legend. The pre-workout is getting a slight label change to reflect the new logo Sonic itself introduced earlier this year, which will, of course, also be on the upcoming Sonic Ghost Amino.