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See the brands currently getting the most attention in our new trending section

stack3d trending brands

Starting today, when scrolling through our consistently busy newsfeed at, you’ll notice a compact box in between the posts called “Trending Brands”. It is a new section we’ve introduced to highlight and give extra attention to the supplement companies and functional food brands that are currently standing out at Stack3d.

It is a simple area filled with images and links to three brands that you can simply click on to catch up on everything each respective brand has been doing. The names in the trending section are listed in no specific order and will change frequently based on several factors such as interest from our readers and how often a brand launches products.

As per the name, our “Trending Brands” section is purely to highlight companies that are trending on Stack3d and make it easier for viewers to find out more about them. As mentioned, you can see it on our homepage after scrolling through a few posts with Core Nutritionals, Ghost, and The Skinny Food Co currently taking up the three spots.

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