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Steel introduces its essential health line made up of five different supplements

steel supplements health and wellness series

Like many other companies in the sports nutrition space over the past couple of months, this week, Steel Supplements has announced an all-new line of essential style products. The brand’s Health and Wellness Series is made up of five different supplements, although only one of them is available right now with the immune support formula Immune AF.

As you’d expect, Steel Supplements’ dedicated immune product comes with a combination of ingredients to support your immune system, including a variety of vitamins and mushrooms extracts. The price on Immune AF is actually quite high compared to other competitors we’ve seen entering the category for the first time at $60 for 30 servings.

The other four items in Steel Supplements’ Health and Wellness Series include the multivitamin One+, and the probiotic Pro+Flora providing 50 billion CFU per serve. The other two products are much simpler than One+ and Pro+Flora with Vitamin C and CoQ10, which are basic tablet formulas, combining their title ingredient with Liposomal delivery technology.

As mentioned, Immune AF is the only product in Steel Supplements’ Health and Wellness Series that’s available right now, costing you $60 per bottle over on the brand’s website. We’re not sure when One+, Pro+Flora, Vitamin C, and CoQ10 are getting here, only that they’re coming soon and you can find out more about them through our highlighted links.