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Buns and Abs Of Steel now come in smaller and less cost-effective tubes

steelfit smaller buns and abs of steel

Fans of SteelFit and its original set of topical products have now got a new size to choose from for its weight loss creams, Buns Of Steel and Abs Of Steel. Previously you could only purchase either item in an 8oz tube, which directly from the brand costs you $44.95 for Buns Of Steel and slightly more for Abs Of Steel at $49.95.

Starting this week, alongside SteelFit’s 8oz tubes of Buns and Abs Of Steel is a less than half-size 3.4oz option. Like with most smaller versions, this one is not as cost-effective as the larger original; in fact, it’s as much as 40% more expensive. For the 8oz tube of Buns Of Steel you’re looking at $24.95, and for Abs Of Steel it is $29.95.

While SteelFit’s 3.4oz options of the topical fat burning creams aren’t the best value, they are great for those that are new to Buns or Abs Of Steel and would prefer to try it out before grabbing the 8oz. If you do like the sound of either product, they’re now available for purchase through the brand’s online store at

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