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Skinny Food’s next creation swirls together two of its delicious Chocaholic spreads

the skinny food chocoholic duo spread

Sometime soon, fans of the delicious and creative functional brand The Skinny Food Co, are getting a tasty new flavor of its healthier, low-sugar, Chocaholic spread. The upcoming option is very different from the product’s others and is not entirely new; instead, it is a combination of two of Chocaholic’s three already available flavors.

The Skinny Food Co’s next functional creation swirls together its Chocolate Hazelnut and White Chocolate flavors to create Chocaholic Duo Spread. It brings together the deliciously sweet and chocolatey tastes of both Chocolate Hazelnut and White Chocolate for an exciting, new, and still of course, a low sugar experience.

When The Skinny Food Co eventually launches its Chocaholic Duo Spread, it’ll be available first through the UK brand’s online store, and if it’s like the other Chocaholics, it’ll be £3.99 (4.99 USD) a jar.