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Jordan Peters puts his organ health essentials into the latest Trained By JP product

trained by jp nutrition vital support

In the coming weeks, Jordan Peters’ reputable brand Trained By JP Nutrition, is dropping a product formulated specifically to support liver and kidney health. All five of the supplement’s ingredients Jordan Peters himself has used year-round, for years, but is now finally bringing them together in the one comprehensive product.

Trained By JP Nutrition’s next new item is called ‘Vital Support’, and it features a transparent combination of 4g of astragalus, half a gram of TUDCA, 1.2g of n-acetyl-cysteine, a gram of IP6, and 60mg of pine bark. All of those dosages are what you get from a full eight-capsule serving; however, the brand directs users to split that up and take four in the morning and four at night before bed.

trained by jp nutrition vital support

Once again, Jordan Peters and his brand Trained By JP Nutrition plan on dropping Vital Support in the coming weeks, with their online store being the place to grab the supplement when it eventually arrives. The price on the liver and kidney health product is going to be £39.99 (49.52 USD), with the usual amount of 30 servings per bottle to get you through a full month.