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Weider sprinkles its newest Yippie snack with real peanuts and hazelnuts

weider yippie nuts protein bar

Yippie is a line of tasty protein snacks from the European supplement company Weider, who can be found all around the world in a massive amount of more than 150 countries. This month the brand is expanding its Yippie family, which currently consists of bite-sized Yippie Protein Cookies and the original Yippie Protein Bar in a range of flavors and sizes.

The new addition to Weider’s functional Yippie lineup is the Yippie Nuts Protein Bar, made for nut lovers as it features real nuts throughout the snack. The product has a similar build to the regular Yippie Bar with a doughy base layer topped with a gooey cream, then there is the sprinkle of crunchy peanuts or hazelnuts, and finally, it’s all wrapped in sweet chocolate.

Weider’s Yippie Nuts Protein Bar comes in two flavors with Caramel Peanut made with roasted peanuts, and Nougat Hazelnut, made with, of course, hazelnuts. The macros on the product do vary between the two flavors with a reasonable 14g of protein, 16 to 17g of carbohydrates with about 2g of that sugar, between 9 and 11g of fat, and 185 to 197 calories.

The Yippie Nuts Protein Bar is now available in Europe, including through Weider’s official online store, where you can grab one bar for €2.49 (2.70 USD) or a box of 12 €29.40 (31.87 USD).

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