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All-new First Contact carries over all of the main features from AK-47 Labs’ first pre

ak 47 labs first contact

Last year we were introduced to the colorful and intriguingly marketed European supplement company AK-47 Labs and its basic pre-workout Paranoia. Since that initial introduction, the brand has gone on to launch several other products, including a special edition version of its pre-workout called Braindead, a testosterone booster, an amino cocktail, and more.

AK-47 Labs has now dropped another pre-workout, which isn’t really a special edition version of its original Paranoia, but it does come with a very simple and similar combination of ingredients. The new pre-workout is named ‘First Contact’, featuring a fitting extraterrestrial theme and packed with a formula that has all of the same main ingredients as Paranoia.

First Contact is a rather straightforward pre-workout, much like AK-47 Labs’ first entry into the competitive category with a handful of vitamins as well as four active ingredients. Of those four, three are from Paranoia with 1.87g of beta-alanine, a gram of taurine, and 400mg of caffeine, with the fourth and final feature being cordyceps sinensis at 400mg per maximum serving.

Basically, First Contact is much the same as AK-47 Labs’ Paranoia and its zombie-themed spin-off Braindead, with the exception of the added cordyceps. The pre-workout is now available in Europe in 60 serving or 30 full serving tubs, and with several flavors to choose from in Fruit Punch, Tropical, Bubblegum, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, and Cotton Candy.