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Ancient launches a simple series of supplements to support immune health

ancient nutrition immune health supplements

The team at Ancient Nutrition has introduced a set of all-new immune health supplements, all of which are relatively straightforward and made up of two or three ingredients. There is actually a consistent feature across each of the products, in that regardless of their title ingredient, they are all infused with probiotics at two billion CFU per serving.

The names of each of Ancient Nutrition’s immune health supplements confirm what their main ingredient is, outside of the added probiotics. There is Elderberry with 730mg of its title ingredient per serving, vitamin C with 900mg of the classic immune-supporting ingredient, and Zinc, featuring 20mg of zinc in each of its single-capsule servings.

The fourth and final item in the line is Echinacea, which is the only one in the group of four to have three ingredients with an 880mg blend of echinacea and astragalus, and of course, the probiotics. All four of the products are available now through Ancient Nutrition’s online store, and they all cost exactly the same at $24.95 for a bottle of 30 servings.

Ancient Nutrition has also put together several bundles of the immune health supplements with a few twin packs that get you $2.50 off each of its products. If you like the look of all four supplements, the brand has a complete immune stack with one of each product at $21.23 each.