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Animal infuses Juiced Aminos with a handful of immune health ingredients

animal juiced aminos immune

Animal recently released a spin-off of its original multivitamin Animal Pak with Animal Immune Pak, a supplement specially formulated to support and strengthen your immune system. The legacy brand has now gone and done the same thing to its pump-infused amino product, introducing yet another immune support spin-off with Juiced Aminos Immune.

One of the big differences with Animal’s second immune health supplement is that unlike Animal Immune Pak, Juiced Aminos Immune is not a completely separate product. It features all of the same ingredients as the regular version, which is not the case with Animal Immune Pak, and has combined them with a handful of immune support ingredients.

Like Juiced Aminos, Animal’s all-new Juiced Aminos Immune has a 6g blend of BCAAs, five other EAAs, and arginine, and a 4g blend of six other ingredients including taurine, citrulline malate, and betaine. In addition to all of that, and to justify the use of ‘Immune’ in its name, the supplement also has a gram of vitamin C, 1,000iu of vitamin D, and 10mg of zinc.

Animal’s Juiced Aminos Immune is now available for purchase over on Amazon, where it costs just a little more than a tub of the regular Juiced Aminos at $27.95. You still get the same 30 servings per tub, and at the moment, the spin-off comes in just the one flavor, which is one of the original Juiced Aminos options in Orange.