Big Zone turns Bulletproof EAAs into a much more complex EAA-based amino

May 21st, 2020
big zone bullet-proof eaas

The German brand Big Zone has revamped its amino supplement Bulletproof EAAs, that has held on to its original name but completely updated the formula. Bulletproof EAAs is now a much more complex amino product featuring a lot more than just EAAs, which was really all that was in the first version at a combined 7.8g per serving.

For the second coming of Bulletproof EAAs, or Bulletproof EAAs V2 as Big Zone is calling it, you still get a solid dose of EAAs with a combined 10.8g per serving. Most of that extra weight is due to the brand increasing the amount of isoleucine from 800mg to 3.3g, and it is also worth noting that V2 only includes eight of the nine EAAs, with histidine not in the mix.

Where Big Zone has made even more changes to Bulletproof EAAs is outside of its title feature. While the original only really featured EAAs, that’s not the case with V2. The European brand has thrown in an additional gram of HMB, 200mg each of schisandra and ginseng, 300mg of ashwagandha, and added electrolytes to support hydration.

As mentioned and as you can read, Big Zone has really taken its first Bulletproof EAAs and turned it into a much more advanced amino supplement. The added ingredients aim to help improve performance and endurance to go with the enhanced muscle recovery and repair that comes with the almost full-spectrum of EAAs.

The all-new Big Zone Bulletproof EAAs has the same regular price as the original at €29.90; however, instead of 38 servings per tub, you only get 21. The updated amino powered product is available in three flavors with Strawberry, Cherry, and Watermelon Limeade, and is currently on sale at the major European retailer Gigas Nutrition for €25.42 (27.87 USD) each.