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Bio Tech confirms a number of changes for its new and improved Crypto V2

bio tech nutra crypto v2

Following the success of its original stimulant-powered pre-workout Crypto, Bio Tech Nutra is coming out with a new and improved version of the supplement. The sequel is appropriately going to be called Crypto V2, and it will feature a fresh new combination of ingredients, a much more transparent label, and a slightly larger variety of flavor.

While there are a lot of changes in Bio Tech Nutra’s upcoming Crypto V2, the benefits of the pre-workout are still very much the same. Just like its predecessor, the updated product is formulated for an all-around experience with ingredients for intense energy and mental focus, as well as a handful of features for better pumps and performance.

The first Crypto from Bio Tech Nutra put all of its ingredients in the one, 8.2g proprietary blend, so you didn’t know the exact amount of anything per serving. Crypto V2 is changing all of that and is only putting its energy-increasing ingredients into a blend, with everything else separated and listed with their precise amounts.

bio tech nutra crypto v2

You can see the full list of ingredients Bio Tech Nutra is going with for its Crypto sequel, which includes every feature from the original. In addition to all of those consistent ingredients, the brand has thrown in a couple of new ones. Those added ingredients are 30mg of noopept for even better focus, and a solid 4g of pure citrulline for stronger muscle pumps.

As you can see, formula wise Bio Tech Nutra has made a lot of changes and improvements for its upcoming pre-workout. The list of ingredients is much more open, with a number of the ingredients also getting bigger dosages, and there are some new features for a better overall experience.

The one last area we have to touch on for the new and improved Crypto V2, is flavors. As mentioned earlier, when Bio Tech Nutra’s latest supplement does eventually arrive, it will have more flavors to choose from. The product is going to launch in the original’s Wonderland Candy and California Limeade, as well as an all-new Orange Creamsicle.