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Blueberry Muffin flavor right around the corner for Max Effort’s Tri Blend

Near the end of last year, Max Effort Muscle turned to fans for help on picking a new flavor for its pre-workout as well as one for its protein powder Tri Blend. After voting through several options in a bracket-style competition, the flavor for the brand’s pre-workout ended up being Gummy Worm, and for the protein, we don’t actually recall seeing a winner announced.

This week, Max Effort Muscle has shared what appears to be the winner from its Tri Blend bracket challenge, as it was one of the final two it asked fans to vote on. Of the remaining tastes from last year’s contest, it seems Blueberry Muffin won over the hearts of the brand’s followers, and now according to Max Effort Muscle, it is going to available very soon.

We don’t yet know exactly when the direct-to-consumer only company plans on dropping its Blueberry Muffin Tri Blend protein powder, although it sounds like it’s right around the corner, so if you’re a fan, definitely be ready.