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You can finally purchase Bombbar’s high-protein and sugar-free block of chocolate

bombbar chikalab cihka sport

After originally only making it available as a prize in a giveaway earlier this year, Bombbar’s Chikalab has finally given its Chika Sport block of chocolate, a full launch. Chika Sport is the Russian brand’s deliciously sweet chocolate block that comes with zero sugar, although similar to its recently released Chocolate Drops, it’s not completely nutrition-free.

Bombbar’s latest effort for its functional brand Chikalab is made with cocoa butter, whole milk powder, the artificial sweetener sucralose, and whey concentrate to give it a good amount of protein. Each hefty 100g block of Chika Sport is made up of 15 breakable pieces, providing a combined 21g of protein, 38g of fat, 8.4g of carbohydrates, 20g of fiber, and 500 calories.

As mentioned, Bombbar and Chikalab have finally launched Chika Sport this week, making it available for purchase through its website, and it is actually quite cost-effective. The high protein and sugar-free block of chocolate costs ₽640 (8.65 USD), however instead of being for one block, it is for a box of four, which works out to just ₽160 (2.16 USD) each.