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Unique new Hazelnut flavor coming this Friday for Bowmar’s Sharp Nootropic

bowmar nutrition hazelnut sharp

When it comes to flavors for its growing line of supplements, Bowmar Nutrition is one of the more creative companies out there, putting together some truly interesting options over the last year or so. We’ve seen flavors like Grandma Linda’s Famous Recipe French Toast, Frosted Animal Cookie with real animal cookies, and of course, Pickle for the brand’s pre-workout.

This week Bowmar Nutrition continues that tradition with another creative option for its recently released focus supplement Sharp Nootropic, which currently comes in Kiwi Lime and Strawberry Pineapple. The new addition to the product’s menu is Hazelnut, and while it’s not a flavor we haven’t seen before in the industry, it is a first for an energy or focus type supplement.

Typically you see fruity flavors for products like Bowmar Nutrition’s Sharp Nootropic as well as pre-workouts, aminos, and so on, with the occasional cola or candy-themed creation. The likes of Hazelnut is something we’ve only ever seen for protein powders, meal replacements, and a few amino enhanced coffee creamers, but never just a standalone stimulating supplement like Sharp.

Bowmar Nutrition plans on dropping its intriguing Hazelnut-flavored Sharp Nootropic this coming Friday through its website, where Sharp will cost you $44.99 for a full 30 serving tub. The flavor is also just one of two new tastes the brand is launching this week, with the other one yet to be revealed.