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Try all ten flavors of the AmiNO Energy RTD with Campus Protein’s variety pack

amino energy rtd

While it is a more functional beverage featuring a combination of aminos, electrolytes, and energy, Optimum Nutrition’s AmiNO Energy RTD is one of the tastier on-the-go caffeinated drinks out there. To top it off, it has a great selection of flavors that seems to be getting better and better, especially when it released two of our favorites in Peach Bellini and Mango Pineapple Limeade.

For those that have yet to try Optimum Nutrition’s amino-infused energy drink, or can’t seem to decide on a flavor, Campus Protein has just made that process much easier. The reliable retailer has put together an AmiNO Energy RTD variety pack that comes with one of each of the tasty beverage’s ten flavors, although it does work out to be slightly more expensive than a regular case.

Campus Protein has priced its complete AmiNO Energy RTD bundle the same as a regular case of 12 cans at $29.99. While it may not be as cost-effective as an entire case of one flavor, it’s not a bad trade-off to try one of each, and find out which of the product’s ten tastes you enjoy.