Core shares details on its all-new version of Core PWO named Core Post

May 29th, 2020
core pwo changing to core post

The packed out post-workout Core PWO, is another supplement Core Nutritionals plans on revamping for 2020. The last time the brand updated the product was back in 2017, where it added in free form leucine and the protein synthesis enhancer Velositol. The next new version of Core PWO is expected to drop in July, although it’s not going to be called Core PWO.

Core Nutritionals is renaming its original post-workout supplement Core Post, which does make sense as it gives you a better idea about what it is right away. The exact formula behind the upcoming Core Post has not been revealed, but in the brand’s usual style, it has shared a few details, including its flavors and a couple of ingredients that aren’t in the current version.

From what we know, Core Post will still feature a lot of the same core ingredients as Core PWO with premium whey isolate for protein, Cluster Dextrin for carbohydrates, leucine, and Velositol. In addition to that, we can confirm the newly named Core Post is also going to have added VitaCherry tart cherry to further recovery, and BioPerine black pepper to help with absorption.

Core Nutritionals’ Core Post will essentially be an even better post-workout than Core PWO, which was already one of our favorite products in the category. While the nutrition profile for the supplement hasn’t been revealed, we don’t imagine it changing too much, with its predecessor packing 24g of protein, 36g of carbohydrates, and a gram of fat.

As mentioned, Core Nutritionals has also announced the flavor Core Post is due to launch in with Hot Cocoa, Fruity Cereal, and Peanut Butter Brittle. They’ll all have 20 full servings per tub, which is quite a bit less than Core PWO at 28.