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American Pie flavor of Finaflex’s Protein Pie gets a different look and filling

finaflex american pie oatmeal protein pie

Finaflex’s delicious, high-protein, and unique Oatmeal Protein Pie, already comes in a lot of different flavors, a total of six to be exact. Half of those were actually introduced earlier this year with Double Chocolate Chip, Krazy Key Lime Pie, and Georgia Peach Pie. Those three are all now on the market alongside the protein snack’s other three in Chocolate Peanut Butter, Awesome Apple Pie, and Original.

For a product that’s not even one year old, Finaflex has managed to expand its Oatmeal Protein Pie quite quickly. That rise looks like it is going to continue as we move through the middle of the year, as details have surfaced on yet another addition to the product’s menu. While the other flavors do taste great and each brings a unique flair to the lineup, the next one could be the most interesting flavor to date.

Finaflex has previewed an American Pie Oatmeal Protein Pie featuring a patriotic color combination as opposed to the product’s usual purple and white. In addition to the packaging, the cream in between the snack’s oat-based cookies is purple, which certainly stands out in pictures. The American Pie Oatmeal Protein Pie is due to arrive soon and will have 14g of protein, 12g of fiber, and 340 calories.

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