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HR Labs combines reliable performance ingredients for its daily formula Basic

hr labs basic

The up and coming UK company HR Labs is looking to add an all-new supplement to its lineup in precisely ten days. The product is an all-in-one, daily formula, featuring ingredients that work best when taken consistently over time. The name of the supplement is ‘Basic’, which is a bit misleading, as it actually packs quite a complex combination of ingredients.

HR Labs Basic includes full dosages of creatine monohydrate at 5g, the PeakO2 performance blend at 2g, 3.2g of beta-alanine, and 2.5g of betaine anhydrous. There is also a gram each of taurine and Cocomineral, half a gram of pink Himalayan salt, and 50mg of the absorption enhancing ingredient AstraGin.

hr labs basic

As mentioned, the goal of the product is to give you a variety of effective ingredients and dosages, all in one convenient formula, which comes in two flavors with Peach Ice-T OG and Strawberry Fuzzy Fruits. A lot of features in the formula are geared towards supporting performance and strength with the likes of beta-alanine, PeakO2, and the tried and true creatine monohydrate.

Once again, HR Labs is looking to launch Basic in exactly ten days, which would put its arrival on Sunday the 7th of June. When it eventually drops, you’ll be able to purchase it directly from the UK brand’s online store. There is no word on price or how many servings you get per tub, although being something HR Labs wants you to take daily, we imagine it’ll come with a full 30 servings.

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