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Rebranded Hyphy Mud 2.0 brings a very different look to Kali Muscle’s lineup

hyphy mud 2 extreme

While Kali Muscle’s line of supplements has seen a new addition over the years as well as more flavors, what we haven’t seen is a change in branding for either of its products. Kali’s current selection consists of the same two supplements it’s had for the past year with the amino Hyphy Aminos and its original stimulant pre-workout Hyphy Mud 2.0 Extreme.

This week Kali Muscle has gone ahead and given one of its two products a fresh new look with the much older pre-workout Hyphy Mud getting the makeover. The supplement has dropped its grunge style design for a very different branding featuring a stylish combination of black and gold, backed by an intricate pattern that gives the product a rather royal feel.

We don’t know if Kali Muscle’s brand plans on giving its one other supplement Hyphy Aminos, the same look, but with only two items in the line, it does look a bit odd that the two don’t match. You can purchase the rebranded Hyphy Mud 2.0 Extreme starting this week through the brand’s online store over at