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Like A Pro is making its fat burner Burn Away even more comprehensive

like a pro burn away 2020

Burn Away is a quality weight loss supplement from IBB Pro Bodybuilder Jeff Long’s brand Like A Pro, that hit the market a little under one year ago in July of last year. It features an extremely comprehensive combination of ingredients to support energy, focus, cortisol control, stress, and thermogenesis, as well as glucose and thyroid management.

Despite Burn Away being less than one-year-old, Like A Pro has decided it’s already time to revamp the fat burning product with a new look and tweaked formula. On the outside, the brand has reversed its colors and given it a white label design to fit with the rest of the Like A Pro line; then, on the inside, everything is the same with the addition of one ingredient.

like a pro burn away 2020

That new feature for Like A Pro’s Burn Away is acetyl-l-carnitine dosed at a gram per serving, to make what was already a very comprehensive weight-loss competitor, more so. As mentioned, Jeff Long and his brand plan on dropping the 2020 version of Burn Away in about two weeks on Thursday the 21st of this month through its official online store.