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Magnum finally unveils its all-new fat burner that isn’t just for fasted cardio

magnum fasted cardio

At last year’s Mr. Olympia Expo in Las Vegas, the Canadian brand Magnum had its usual double-sided stand, showing off and sampling its extensive line of supplements. Behind all of the action, tucked into one of its banners was an entirely new, unreleased product named Fasted Cardio formulated to enhance thermogenesis and support overall weight loss.

Over six months later, Magnum’s Fasted Cardio has been more official unveiled, and while it does look a bit different to that original banner, its purpose appears to be much the same. Fasted Cardio comes with five key features to increase energy, enhance thermogenesis, and help reduce body fat, especially in the stomach region. Also, despite the name, the supplement can be used at any time, not just fasted before cardio.

Magnum has not shared the full list of ingredients in Fasted Cardio, or what any of their exact dosages are. The brand has however, named its handful of key features starting with Cerin branded C8 and C10 MCT oil. Alongside that is GBBGO for the thermogenic effect, CapsiAtra, choline to improve mental focus, and caffeine as well as dicaffeine malate for lasting energy.

Magnum is looking to launch Fasted Cardio sometime next month, right in time for the start of the summer season. The product is going to be hitting shelves in a 40 serving tub size with three different flavor options. The brand has taken a modern approach with all of the flavors having unspecific names in Molotov Cocktail, Shock Therapy, and Rise and Grind.