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Premium brand Morphogen launches a dedicated kidney support supplement

morphogen nutrition nephrogen

Ben Hartman’s Morphogen Nutrition is one of the most advanced and comprehensive supplement brands out there right now, with a range of products that covers almost every major category and more. Morphogen has a meal replacement, protein powder, pump pre-workout, a stress support supplement, sleep aid, and many more items, with a lot, if not all, of them featuring loaded formulas.

This week Ben Hartman and Morphogen Nutrition continue to expand their growing lineup with the introduction of another well put together product named ‘Nephrogen’. The latest from the brand is a complex kidney support supplement formulated to potentially help with nutrient absorption and circulation, immune support, reducing inflammation, kidney stones, and urinary infections, as well as many other benefits.

morphogen nutrition nephrogen

As mentioned, Morphogen Nutrition has quite an advanced selection of supplements, and Nephrogen is just another example of that. We see a lot of different products week in and week out, and this would be just one of only a few formulas we’ve ever come across that’s dedicated to supporting kidney health.

You can see the full list of ingredients Morphogen Nutrition has brought together for Nephrogen in the facts panel above. The formula includes the likes of pine bark, goldenrod, cranberry, grape seed, and andrographis. As you can see in the supplement’s label, all of its ingredients are openly and transparently dosed, and come wrapped up in a flavored powder with two tastes to choose from in Cranberry Splash and Grapefruit Rush.

Morphogen Nutrition’s Nephrogen is now available for purchase directly through its online store at, where it costs $48 for a full-size tub of 30 servings.