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Newest tablet amino from MST Nutrition made with a handful of free form aminos

mst nutrition amino complex

While it may not be the case in markets like the US, over in Europe, amino tablet supplements are quite popular with a lot of big-name brands, including one or more in their lineup. MST Nutrition has just added another one to its extensive selection, although unlike a lot of its competitors, it is not made with whey or any other traditional protein source, but a specific blend of various amino acids.

The appropriately named Amino Complex is the latest effort from MST Nutrition for the amino category featuring a combination of just over 4g of amino acids. The individual aminos making up that 4g are glutamine, beta-alanine, taurine, and all nine EAAs minus histidine and threonine, with everything in the product openly and transparently dosed, including the likes of the BCAAs which are at 2.5g per serving.

MST Nutrition’s Amino Complex seems to be available to order directly from the brand by its many stores and stockists in just the one bottle size at the moment with a total of 300 tablets, which is enough for 60 full servings.