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Nutrabolics shares full details on its hemp-infused energy drink Nocturnal

nutrabolics nocturnal

Nocturnal is a unique new energy drink coming soon from Nutrabolics, that is expected to arrive anywhere between August and the beginning of next year. While that is a considerable timeframe, the Canadian brand has shared all of the product’s details to ensure everyone is informed, and is now accepting pre-orders from retailers, distributors, and fans.

Previously all we knew about Nutrabolics Nocturnal was that it’s an energy drink infused with hemp, and is also low in carbohydrates and calories. The exact formula in each can is a moderate and reliable 180mg of natural caffeine for energy, a blend of B vitamins, 10mg of hemp extract, a light 100mg of alpha-GPC for mental focus, and five calories.

As mentioned, Nocturnal is quite a creative spin on the ever-growing energy drink category. The combination of hemp and energy is not anything new, but it is very different from the beverages we usually see from sports nutrition brands like Nutrabolics.

Nocturnal is launching in the one flavor with the refreshing and stevia-sweetened recipe, Passion Fruit. It will be interesting to see just how the taste of this one turns out, as we’ve yet to have a hemp energy drink we enjoyed. They all have an earthy, greens type taste to them, which is bearable, but not fun when you’re used regular energy drinks.

Once again, Nutrabolics is currently aiming to release its hemp and energy fueled Nocturnal beverage between August and the start of next year. If you’d like to pre-order the product, you can do so through its website where a case of 24, slim 12oz cans costs $71.82, which is $2.99 each, but do keep in mind Nocturnal may not ship until the beginning of next year.