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Major European brand Olimp launches its dedicated immune support supplement

olimp immuno xplode powder

Xplode is a name the Polish supplement company Olimp attaches to several types of products, including creatine, BCAAs, and even simpler formulas such as carnitine and beta-alanine. This week the brand has added it to another category of supplements with Olimp’s all-new Immuno Xplode Powder, which is of course, an immune support formula.

The company has indeed jumped on the immune health trend and packed Immuno Xplode Powder with a variety of ingredients all for that immune-supporting goal. Each serving of Immuno Xplode Powder comes with a gram each of glutamine, vitamin C, and inulin, half a gram of cystine, 15mg of zinc, 200mg of elderberry, 50iu of vitamin D, and finally, 220mg of quercetin.

Olimp has done a solid job of bringing together all of your common immune health ingredients at suitable dosages, and rolling them up into a citrus lemonade-flavored powder. Immuno Xplode Powder is now available in the brand’s home country of Poland, including through its online store, where a tub of 30 servings will cost you €21 (22.98 USD).