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Newest Olimp multivitamin aims to be a simpler and more cost-effective competitor

olimp vita-min one

The hugely popular and internationally available Olimp has come out with a new multivitamin supplement, which is a fair bit different from the many others it has in its extensive lineup. The product is named ‘Vita-Min One’, and it is essentially a simpler vitamin and mineral formula that is also significantly more cost-effective than any of the brand’s other competitors.

Olimp Vita-Min One features over 20 different vitamins and minerals, with only a few of them dosed under 100% of your recommended daily intake, while the rest is at or well above 100%. In each of its two capsule servings, you get the likes of vitamin C at 200mg, zinc at 10mg, 190mg of magnesium, and 40mcg of vitamin D, with of course, several other ingredients in the mix.

Each box of Olimp’s newest multivitamin supplement comes with 60 capsules, so at two per serving, you get the usual 30 servings per box or 60 if you half the serving. As mentioned, another major highlight of Vita-Min One is its price point, and it is indeed quite competitive with the brand’s online store selling the product directly to consumers at just €7.50 (8.23 USD) per box.