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OWN’s new Peanut Spread promises about half the calories of regular peanut butter

own peanut spread

OWN has finally shared a full preview of its second-ever functional product, which the brand promises to be a better version of the legendary chocolate hazelnut spread Nutella. The upcoming release is OWN Peanut Spread, featuring a leaner nutrition profile compared to traditional peanut butter but with the twist of having roughly half the calories.

The OWN Peanut Spread is going to feature zero sugar per single-tablespoon serving along with a bit more protein than regular peanut butter at 5g, and a calorie count of 48. The idea is you use the product like you would any other peanut butter or Nutella, whether it be to spread on toast, throw in a smoothie, or mix in for some healthy baking.

We still don’t know what kind of ingredients OWN has put into the product, although all of that is due to be revealed as we get closer to its launch. As for when OWN Peanut Spread is going to arrive, the brand is currently aiming to have it out and available sometime this summer.

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