Winter Solider gets his own shaker in Performa’s authentic line of products

3 days ago
performa winter soldier shaker

A few days ago, the shaker brand Performa added another design to its authentic line of superhero bottles, featuring a Marvel Comics character it had yet to use up until this week. The release is a red on black, Daredevil shaker, which has now been followed by another hero from the Marvel universe the brand had yet to use on a product before.

Bucky Barnes, or more commonly known as the Winter Soldier, is the latest character to get a Performa-themed shaker. Like the Daredevil bottle, it features a black 28oz cup with a matching lid and light grey cap. The print on the side of the product to represent the Winter Solider is his classic red star logo surrounded by a grey and black circle.

Performa’s Winter Solider shaker currently comes in its original style bottle as opposed to its more recently released Activ design. It is now available through the brand’s website for the same price as all of its other authentic superhero shakers at $14.99 each.

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