REPP Sports puts its RAZE Energy experience into a compact sachet

May 5th, 2020
raze energy sample packs

The team at REPP Sports has done something quite different with its popular and great-tasting energy drink RAZE Energy, or at least its main ingredients. The brand has taken the formula behind its beverage to increase energy as well as support focus and performance, and put it into convenient single-serving sachets, in powder form.

While the packets do come with all of the same ingredients to provide the same energizing benefits, as mentioned, it is a powder product, so you won’t get that carbonated energy drink flavor and feel. You are also limited on flavors with the sachet version of RAZE Energy, as it currently comes in just one with the delicious Sour Gummy Worm.

REPP Sports sells its Sour Gummy Worm RAZE Energy packets in lots of 15 for $22.50 and 45 for the more cost-effective price of $45. You can also get five sachets free for today and tomorrow in celebration of Cinco De Mayo, by ordering $60 through the brand’s website, plus you get limited edition Baja Lime RAZE energy drink.