Run Everything unveils its superfood supplement due to launch this Friday

May 27th, 2020
run everything labs greens

Rob and Dana Linn Bailey’s brand Run Everything Labs has come out with its first entirely new supplement this week since it introduced EWP White in July of 2018. The brand’s first completely new product in almost two years is a superfood supplement named ‘Greens’, featuring five blends of ingredients to help with digestion, wellness, and overall health.

Run Everything Labs Greens comes with over 20 different superfood ingredients, including a blend each of organic greens and vegetables weighing 2.65g and 1.8g, respectively. Alongside that is a 1.4g fiber blend, an 880mg combination of various antioxidants, and lastly, a 90mg enzyme and probiotic complex for digestion and gut health benefits.

run everything labs greens

You can see the full combination of ingredients Run Everything Labs has thrown into its first-ever superfood product in the label above, with everything separated into those five blends we mentioned. The brand has rolled it all into a powder to have on its own or mixed with a shake or smoothie, although it is worth noting the supplement is naturally flavored, with no specific taste added to it.

Fans will be able to grab Run Everything Labs Greens this coming Friday through its website, with a price that’s a bit more than a lot of its competition at $49.99 for a full-size tub of 30 servings.