Sneak Energy Drink Review: Sweet flavors but with an aftertaste that’s hard to ignore

May 5th, 2020
sneak energy drink review

Earlier this year, the gaming supplement brand Sneak introduced its most significant product since hitting the market with a carbonated, energy drink version of its gaming formula. The beverage doesn’t feature exactly all of the same ingredients; however, a lot of them are in the mix in an effort to provide a similar energy and focus enhancing experience.

Sneak’s energy drink is made with taurine, carnitine tartrate, choline bitartrate, theanine, ginseng, and of course, caffeine at an amount of 150mg per can. Being big fans of the energy beverage category, we went out of our way to get our hands on the product from the UK to find out how Sneak’s beverage measures up to the intense and growing competition.

sneak energy drink review


Sneak’s first entry into the energy drink market comes in three flavors with Strawberry Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, and Tropikilla, and they all feature zero sugar and just five calories per can. Each of them packs a good amount of sweetness, clearly delivering on their individual flavor names with Blue Raspberry being the sweetest of the lot, then Strawberry Watermelon, and Tropikilla.

While they each have their own level of strength in terms of flavor, the taste is enjoyable regardless of which of the three Sneak energy drinks you end up throwing back. Our one knock on the product comes after you swallow, and the liquid leaves your mouth. Like some other European energy drinks we’ve tried, Sneak’s has a tangy and chalky aftertaste that takes a while to leave.

sneak energy drink review

If you keep drinking the product, it does delay the bite of the aftertaste, but it will get you eventually. The chalky and gritty effect it gives your teeth, also hangs around in the mouth for some time after drinking, making it difficult to ignore. As mentioned that initial sweetness is great, in fact, it could pass as being too sweet; either way, the aftertaste erases all the good that does.

The energy the product provides is about what you’d expect with the main ingredients it has, feeling much the same as a Monster Ultra. Packing 150mg of caffeine, the Sneak energy drink is a great anytime boost with no noticeable bonus benefits of focus or cognition, more of a simple and typical uplift to wake you up, get you ready, or keep you going.

sneak energy drink review


The packaging of Sneak’s energy drink is certainly eye-catching, and as we highlighted in our review, it delivers a good amount energy and flavor in that initial sip. Its chalky and tangy aftertaste is unfortunately too much to ignore or even get used to, especially when you have many top energy beverages out there featuring much more consistent and lasting flavors without the bite at the end.

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