Swft Stims welcomes its immune support supplement at a discounted $17.50

May 31st, 2020
swft stims immune support

The dedicated immune health supplement from Swift Stims, simply named ‘Immunity Support’, is now available for purchase after the brand previewed the product earlier this month. The supplement definitely falls more on the complex side of things, featuring a lot more than just a small combination of common, immune system supporting ingredients.

In the vitamin and mineral department, Swft Stims Immunity Support packs a handful of B vitamins, zinc, vitamin, and of course, vitamin D3 at 600iu and vitamin C at a gram per serving. To make it a more comprehensive product there is also echinacea, elderberry, Avadrene avena sativa, and a blend of mushroom extracts with the likes of reishi and turkey tail.

swft stims immune support

As mentioned, Swft Stims has brought all of the ingredients together to support and strengthen your immune system. To top it all off, the supplement has been introduced direct at a competitive price. You can use the coupon “HEALTH50” for a limited time, and instead of paying its regular price of $24.99, you’ll get it for $17.50 for a bottle of 30 servings.