Protein-packed miniature cakes introduced under Dough Bar’s prototype line

May 22nd, 2020
the dough bar protein mini cakes

The innovative and delicious functional food company, The Dough Bar, has put together another creation under its prototype line. That line is where the brand’s high protein Whoopie Pie and Monkey Bread started before becoming permanent products. Mini Cakes is The Dough Bar’s latest effort, which is exactly that, miniature protein-packed cakes.

The product comes as a rectangular cake with packets of tasty toppings to throw on the Mini Cakes, much like the brand’s original doughnuts. The toppings vary from flavor to flavor, of which there are two in Triple Chocolate and Funfetti. The former is a chocolate-flavored cake with chocolate chips and chocolate icing, and the latter has a classic birthday cake flavor with vanilla icing and rainbow sprinkles through and on top.

the dough bar protein mini cakes

On the nutrition side, The Dough Bar’s Mini Cakes pack 14g of protein per cake, 24 to 26g of carbohydrates, 9g of fat, and 232 to 245 calories, and that’s not including the macros from the icing. The numbers are obviously not as lean as a protein bar but work as a great high protein treat, similar to its many other delicious creations, including its original protein doughnuts.

The Mini Cakes are available today through The Dough Bar’s online store, although you’ll probably want to be quick. The brand has proven in the past that its prototype products can sell out extremely fast, and currently, they are still in stock. A pack of four in either flavor will cost you $16, a pack of eight with four of each flavor is $30, and there is a giant $90 variety pack featuring the Mini Cakes, doughnuts, and cinnamon rolls.

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