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First-ever limited-edition Ugly launch is a Cherry Cola flavor of its sparkling water

ugly drinks cherry cola sparkling water

The beverage brand Ugly, who has three products available — Plain Ugly sparkling and still Water, Ugly Energy Water, and Ugly flavored sparkling water — has put together its first-ever limited release. The special edition product is a new flavor for the brand’s original flavored sparkling water, which is due to be available through its online store later today.

The first limited-edition Ugly launch is the brand’s take on a classic flavor with Cherry Cola Ugly sparkling water. It comes with all of the product’s usual highlights, including no sugar or calories, as well as absolutely no artificial ingredients. Based on pictures, it also looks like Cherry Cola will only be available in cases of 12, instead of the brand’s usual 24.

As mentioned, Ugly is expected to make its Cherry Cola sparkling water available for purchase through its website sometime later today. There is actually already a page online for the product; however, it is currently protected by a password.

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