USN releases another new weight loss product for the year with Fat Block X

May 17th, 2020
usn fat block x

USN’s lineup of supplements in South Africa has seen a number of new products added this year, a lot of which have been weight loss type formulas such as Slim & Beauty Collagen and Lipo X Gold. This week that theme of weight loss type supplements continues with the brand introducing Fat Block X, that aims to do just that, help block fat.

The idea behind USN’s new Fat Block X is that it comes with a unique dietary fiber that minimizes the absorption of fats by binding to them and transporting them through your digestive system. That non-digestible dietary fiber is Chitosan, dosed at a gram per serving in Fat Block X, and sits alongside just one other ingredient in chromium picolinate.

Fans of USN can pick up its latest South African product starting this week through its online store at Directly from the international supplement company’s website, Fat Block X will cost you R99 (5.33 USD) per bottle. Each bottle comes with just 30 capsules, which is only enough to provide you 15 servings, as one serving is two capsules.