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Xplosive continues to expand its line with a hybrid immune and gut health formula

xplosive ape immunity armour

Xplosive Ape, who is first and foremost an apparel and accessory company, has expanded its lineup of supplements quite a bit since it introduced its first one last year. This week, the growing brand continues to add to its selection with the complete unveiling of the health product Immunity Armour, which despite its title, does feature ingredients for more than just immune health.

Xplosive Ape’s Immunity Armour comes with a multi-benefit formula for immune system support as well as gut and general health. It does, of course, include vitamin C at half a gram per serving, along with zinc and vitamin E. For the gut health side, there is the prebiotic fiber inulin, a pair of digestive enzymes, and 2.5g of glutamine, with everything naturally sweetened with stevia.

xplosive ape immunity armour

Retailers and distributors can now order Immunity Armour from Xplosive Ape, so fans can probably expect to see it on their preferred store’s shelves in the UK, sometime soon. The supplement is not available for purchase from the brand’s website, although we imagine that will change in the coming weeks. Each bottle of Immunity Armour comes with the usual total of 30 servings, and is unflavored to make it easier to mix together with other products